Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's all about going back to school

From Jan Brett
I have always said Jan Brett
is a
want to be teacher…
Tons of
activities from flash cards
to book marks.
As well as pintables for
the teacher’s


Cute Pom-pom pen craft to get
ready for the first day of class
from Our Scoop.

a gift for the teacher here
picture from...Fresh Tea on flickr

Mini note and
library template printables at Creatured Comforts.

Be ready for school with this fun button note book.

How to Make a Button-Embellished Notebook Cover .

I am going to pair this book cover with the cute Pom-pom
top pen in
coordinate color for a stylish back to school look.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Crepe Paper streamer tutorial

A simple idea
for a pretty party look.

Pre-weaved paper streamers….

step 1:

Take two rolls of crepe paper steamers

in your party colors and
tape the two ends together
like in picture above.
I use two sided tape,
you can also glue.

step two:

Take the roll on your left side (blue)
and cross over
to the right over the
yellow steamer .

step 3:

Take the yellow and cross over the blue
going from down to up...

Cross blue from right side to left,
next take yellow
from top bring down over blue.
Keep weaving back and forth
and up and down
until you have either the whole roll done
or needed length .

To keep bundles together I wrap
a stripe of paper around the
accordion folded crepe and tape.

I do this while I watch TV and store
in shoeboxes.
Crepe streamers go up faster and gives
your party a professional look.