Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is all about the circus

Step right up and have some fun, a circus party vintage style.  
RinG oNe...Anthropologie inspired animal necklaces.
tutorial by
Flamingo Toes. (don't you just love that name)

RinG  tWo... fanciful ruffled streamers...
 by dana-made-it .
I think I'll make boxes of these...
                   * * * * * * *


hot fresh pretzels,
come and get your
 hot fresh pretzels  by elephantine 

RinG tHrEE....
Clowning around with colorful bangles
 tutorial from 


Be sure to record your day
with this clever pinhole camera….
Tutorial and printout by Ravens Blight

BaCk to RinG  OnE
A pretty vintage style rose
by my design dump 

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